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Seniors at Dublin City Marathon

Monday 27th October

The Dublin Marathon was the focus for lots of our runners in the senior group this year, with our athletes putting 12 - 18 weeks concerted effort into the race. Its a lot of time to commit to just one race and success is usually dependent upon having a clear few months of decent training, free of injuries, illness, and everything else that gets in the way of training most days of the week. Controlling the controllables like training and diet is just part of the jigsaw. In the marathon there are other variables that come into play and have to be dealt with. On the day anything can happen, particularly in the final 10kms of the race when marathoners are in a fatigued state and have to battle on. The weather forecast for Monday's race, known as the friendly marathon, wasn't exactly friendly. High winds were forecasted, along with heat and humidity. Wind speed died down from that of Sunday night but runners still had to tackle heat and humidity - something some elite athletes commented on in post race interviews. The ideal conditions for running a marathon are temperatures of 9-10 degrees with low humidity. The route for DCM also changed too due to Luas works, making the first 10kms particularly challenging compared to 2013, the distance being a gradual uphill drag from the quays to Castleknock. It meant that runners were hitting tough terrain at Roebuck two miles later into the marathon, which makes it all that more difficult to negotiate. For all that was against those running DCM, what the Dublin marathon has in its favour above any other marathon is the atmosphere that surrounds the runners. It is a magical, uplifting, uniting almost emotional experience, for both runners and supporters. Anyone who has been to one or run one will acknowledge that fact. Club members this year turned out in their droves to support their colleagues, something that really gives the runners a lift when needed. We'd 17 runners from the group taking on the distance,with various goals. It wasn't a day for PB's, just a day to leave it all out there and give a good account of themselves and do the blue and white proud!

Alan McKernan was taking on his second marathon of the year, having conquered Rotterdam last April. Alan juggled exams and running and a lot more besides in his run up to DCM. It was a tough task to hit a PB yesterday on a less forgiving day than in April, but he wasn't too far outside it finishing in a time of 3:03, a very credible performance. There was talk in Alan's company already of a 2015 trip abroad for the next one - watch this space, could be a Club trip abroad! Annmarie Sheehan joined the Club this year and was taking on the distance for the first time. She'd prepared as well as anyone, but the marathon for a novice is a real unknown, you come out of a marathon learning lots and using that knowledge in subsequent efforts, but the distance is especially hard for first timers. Anne Marie took it all in her stride though, working in the latter stages of the race with Jon Sibley and feeding off the atmosphere to bring it home in 5:20.

Performance of the day? Certainly Carol Cullinane is one who possibly has her hand up for this. 3:16 on the day, a significant PB. It probably comes as no surprise to those who have trained with her in the run up to the marathon. She's relentless in her pursuit of progress. Carol was blighted with illness in 2013 but came back strong this year. An exceptional HM in Charleville didn't see her resting on her laurels. She managed turning out week in week out on Club teams too in October, taking the risk on jeopardising her own goal time for the benefit of the Club. Thankfully this didn't happen and Carol set the standard high for our ladies with the fastest ladies time since Catherine Dunnes.

Daire Greaney had a tough day at the office, but will be stronger and wiser for it when he takes on his next marathon. Daire posted a time of 6:10. Dave Galbraith took on the big one with possibly less preparation than Carol Dave gave his buddy Alan McKernan a shout earlier this month and told him he needed a 3 week marathon plan. What else was Alan to do than, after trying to talk the man down, give him one. Preparations went to plan, for 3 weeks, and Dave paid particular attention to his hydration in the couple of days before the race. It was about getting it done, not long after his and Mick Foys selfless fundraising efforts recently running a marathon around the track in September, just a month ago, raising well over a grand. Dave clocked 4:23, he got it done. David Brady is one of our Juvenile coaches, and a namesake of a hell of a lot of other runners in the country. This, along with the fact that he's not a senior session regular means that its hard to keep track of our David Brady! This year however seen David take on a lot of races with the ultimate goal being the marathon, which he got around in a time of 5:05.

Donal Cashin was another who travelled to Rotterdam last April with the Club and was back at the distance again in Dublin. 2:49 is the time he done in both marathons but to do 2:49 on a day like yesterday shows how much progress that Donal has made in the past 6 months. He's part of our Cork contingent and like Carol and Gerry Plante he's not afraid to push it hard and log the miles in pursuit of excellent performances like that at the weekend. There were only trickle of people ahead of Donal as he passed by our support at various points on the course. Gerry Plante, as mentioned above is another one of our hard working Corkonians. Gerry has worked well in a group with Kevin Clancy, Carol and Antoinette in the run up to the marathon and finished in a time of 4:02, well outside of his time last year but conditions made the day tough going. Ger Solan has been a revelation this year since he joined the Club. Ger, like many, had been running for a few year before he joined us, but his times sky rocketed when he came on board and started doing Club sessions. We knew he was destined for good things this year when he kept knocking chunks of his times. Super performances like Dunshaughlin 10k and the Tullamore Half come to mind. 3:07 was the time he clocked in Dublin, fantastic going. Sub 3 is a certainty next year.

Geoff Hamilton is another recent addition to the Club and has also come on immensely since joining. Geoff completed the marathon in a time of 4:16:22 - exactly the same time as last year (to the second)! He went through the 30K mark 13 minutes faster than last year, but then hit the wall hard and faded, but hung on to record the same time as last year. John Meegan took on the race and was coming off the back of an excellent 1:36 in the Race Series Half in September. He posted a time of 3:57. Great going for what we think is John's first go at the distance. Jonathan Sibley entered the marathon a while back with good intentions that didn't materialise - Jon was in two minds by the look of his posts pre-race on Facebook! He committed to the race at the last minute, showing no fear in taking on the challenge, which was to finish, which he did as Jon always does, smiling. Undeterred he's already planning his 2015 DCM, fair play Jon!

Kevin Clancy was another first timer at DCM and given his recent 3/4 in Athlone took to running with flyer Carol Cullinane. They traded pace for a while before Carole pushed on, with Kevin completing in a very credible first marathon of 3:35. Mairtin Thornton is another recent addition to our Club, and like David Brady his name has come up more and more on our results in 2014. He's obviously caught the bug! The Kilbride man ran 4:46 on the day. Mick Foy was lining up in Dublin for his third marathon in a month! Beat that Gary!!! At the family fund day he ran a marathon on the track with Dave and raised over a grand. On October 5th last he was up in his home from home Monaghan running a marathon with pal Glenn...and sure why not complete the hat-trick in DCM! Mick has racked up a long string of back to back Dublin marathons and he wasn't missing this one. He clocked 4:15 on pacing duty when spotted on Mount St. getting a mate to the line.

Pat Egan, a new name to us, completed the course in 3:43 - well done Pat! Pat Nolan took on his 4th marathon, and first since Rotterdam in 2013 where he came a cropper after 7km with injury but finished, in a credible time too! Pat's previous PB was 2:58 so Pat had a crack at it, was going well for a while but the wheels came off and he finished in 3:28. A gutsy all or nothing effort from Pat. Paul Gorey hasn't been seen much around the track in recent weeks, but despite this he managed to pull a very respectable 3.50 out of the bag - good going Paul! Paul Lord had prepared well and done all he could do but unfortunately had to bow out close to the finish. There'll be other days! Significant numbers had to do the same this year. Anyone driving the Moor of Meath at Crazy O'Clock on the way to work this year might've seen Philip Mahony out training before work. A committed marathoner - he took on Connemara in April, Longford in August and now Dublin. I think he says he's not doing another one after every marathon Philip clocked 4:50. We reckon he'll have another one logged by the time the year is out.

Sarah Meegan was smiling happily any time she was spotted on the course on Monday, she made it look easy, all off a busy schedule of 3 sessions a week! She obviously got those sessions right clocking 3:56 and waving to half of Dublin en route. A fantastic debut marathon for Sarah. Seamus Dunne is one of the few people who have run every Dublin marathon since the first edition. He'd a good year this year in training and really went for a time, nothing near his 2:35 pb, but a time that would have him up there in his category. He ran a positive split, finishing in a time of 3:24, very credible but knowing Seamus he will have wanted to run faster! Sean Manning seemed comfortable from the sidelines at 26 miles but he told us subsequently that this wasn't the case. His time of 4:15 wouldn't indicate that he was in trouble but he was doubled over with cramp affecting his gait for the last 10k, adding even more kudos to an already excellent performance. Stephen Doyle is another one of many runners we have in the 90 min HM zone that were taking on the marathon. It wasn't any surprise that he finished close to one of our other runners at that level, Kevin, both running 3:35.

Speaking for the runners we can say that it was a tough day at the office, made easier by the support on the course. It was heartening to see so many Dunboyne faces out and about on the sidelines. The spirits were up at the post race review meeting in Brady's and of course new goals were already being set for 2015. When drink is in sense is out! A big big thanks to Tony O'Neill and Gary O'Hanlon. Their attention to the group and the time they put into the Club is phenomenal. The structure that the Club provides has meant that if anyone wants to put their mind to achieving a marathon goal then all they have to do is commit to training and the rest takes care of itself. We look forward to running our 2015 goals by you soon! Well done to Gary in the marathon, and good luck in this weeks 50k World Championships in Doha! Results are available here - and photos on the Jumping The Gun website and as always on the Mooney's Flickr account. Thanks Peter and Rory and congrats on two phenomenal runs in Dublin. Our own photos here with thanks to Tommy McDonnell, Sam Hamilton, Loughlin Campion and Emilia Dan. Send us more if you have them! See our Senior News page some individual reports on the marathon.

Donal Cashin 2.49
Alan McKernan 3.03
Ger Solan 3.07
Carol Cullinan 3.16
Seamus Dunne 3.24
Pat Nolan 3.28
Kevin Clancy 3.35
Stephen Doyle 3.35
Paul Gorey 3.50
Sarah Meegan 3.56
John Meegan 3.57
Gerry Plante 4.02
Mick Foy 4.15
Sean Manning 4.15
Geoff Hamilton 4.16
Dave Galbraith 4.23
Mairtin Thornton 4.46
Phil Mahony 4.50
David Brady 5.05
Annmarie Sheehan 5.20
Jonathan Sibley 5.30
Daire Greany 6.10

Fit4Life at Dublin City Marathon

Monday 27th October

In certain quarters of Fit4Life, 'marathon' was the buzz word of the Summer. Training plans, Hal Higdon (yeah, still don't know who the dude is but he's a lot to answer for), long runs and tapering entered the vocabulary. Sounded like an awful lot of work to most of us, if not a foreign language. A number of hardy souls embraced the madness for the race series 10-miler and half-marathon. Four diehards decided to go the whole hog and take on the big one; all 26.2 miles of it. In true Fit4Life spirit, our four ladies were never short of training company or moral support from the 'keen-but-enough-is enough- brigade'. About a week from D-Day, excitement reached fever pitch. Viv, for one, declared herself 'ridiculously excited' as if all the hard work was done but for the (ahem) small matter of the 26.2 miles. We didn't have the heart to point this out so we just played along. We wished them luck and the more ironic among us told them to "enjoy it." Lol. Monday was a warm, humid and windy day and the course incorporated more uphill climbs than prior years. Please refer to the Senior report for all the technical stuff.

San Sebastian's Ana Quigley was the first hero of the day before the race even started when she delivered a garmin to Coach Gary at the starting line. Gary's garmin packed in the day before. Cometh the hour, cometh the Fit4Lifer! You know yourselves! A few waves back Ciara Devitt, Eileen Soraghan and Vivienne Lennon all lined up for their first ever marathon experience while Heather Harold was taking on her third. Our Fab Four were dedicated in their training and made it to the starting line fighting fit and raring to go. Of course, even us novices can appreciate that 26.2 miles is a distance to be respected and making it to the finish line is not a guarantee regardless of preparation. Ciara Devitt's resolve was severely tested on Monday. Flying high from great performances in the Cork half-marathon and Dublin Race Series, she was going great guns up until the half-way point when the gels upset her stomach causing her serious discomfort for the entire second half of the race. Any reasonable person might have called it quits at that stage but Ciara stubbornly ploughed on. Maybe it's a Cork thing! Is she sworn off marathons? Hell no, she was googling other upcoming marathons by Monday evening and joking good-humouredly about the whole experience on Tuesday. Ciara clocked 4.55 in spite of everything she had to contend with on Monday. Hats off Ciara. The next one will go your way and you will have the marathon experience you deserve.

Eileen Soraghan, a Fit4Life regular for the past few years had never run more than 10 miles up until this year. She thought long and hard about signing up. After good training runs Eileen told us she googled "reasons to do a marathon" and on bad days googled "reasons not to." Clearly, she had an awesome day at some stage, lost the run of herself and registered. Only thing for it! Eileen ran strongly and comfortably finishing just behind Ciara in 4.57. Congrats Eileen. Juvenile Coach Heather Harold joined Fit4Life merely weeks ago. Heather has been running for a number of years but hasn’t been a running club member since she was 20 years of age. Her club back in the day (we’re not revealing the day or the year) was St James Gate AC which her father founded. Heather togged out for the Dublin marathon in 2009 and 2010, so she had the benefit of experience coming into this one but also the self-inflicted pressure of striving for a PB. Did she get one? Heather has promised to write a report herself, so we’re not going to steal her thunder here with any spoilers. Stay tuned for Heather’s report at which point we will edit this report for posterity and reveal whether she has immersed herself in Dunboyne Fit4Life awesomeness.

And what about our very own Fit4Life rep, Vivienne Lennon? How soon into the race did the “ridiculous excitement” wear off? Would you believe it didn’t! Viv looked like she was on a victory parade when we saw her. She’d been working the crowds for 20 miles; smiling, waving, thanking and acknowledging, and by the looks of things, she was only loving it! No wonder hubby Declan got unintentionally swept along for the final 6 miles. She clocked a fantastic time of 5.02 having run the way we’d all like to tackle our races, relished the journey and the time took care of itself. Thankfully Viv has written her own report so we might pick up a few tips. Viv was our chief ringleader in marathon and race series training this year and as a result was spoiled for company on all her training runs. Well done Viv, we’re absolutely delighted for you.

Claiming credit for Gary O’Hanlon’s performances will eventually grow old, but not yet. He did us proud yet again placing 14th in the race among a strong international field in a time of 2.26.13. That's how it's done. Good luck to Gary who will represent Ireland at the World 50K ultramarathon this weekend in Doha. This is obviously a great reflection on us Fit4Lifers All in a week's work! Coach Paul Gannon, fresh from his Frankfurt marathon exploits a mere day before was on hand to support our Fab Four. Congrats Paul on your own fantastic marathon and PB time of 2.46. We are of course claiming full credit for this. It is no coincidence that the longer you train us the faster you get. Our four marathoners wish to thank Gary and Paul for their training, advice and support throughout. There’s nothing like learning from the best! Special shout out to S3A, the Senior’s ambassador to Fit4Life, for his second amazing marathon this year. We know we shouldn’t encourage him, water on a gremlin and all that, but we can’t help it! Big well done to all our Senior clubmates. Our ladies are immensely grateful to all the supporters who encouraged them in training and during the marathon. Congratulations once again to our four Fit4Life marathoners on your spectacular performances. It is an amazing achievement that you should be very proud of. If marathons were easy everyone would be doing them! See our Fit4Life News page some individual reports on the marathon.

Leinster Novice & Masters XC Champs

Sunday 26th October

The Leinster Novice and Masters Cross Country are two races that are often overlooked on the bank holiday weekend because of the marathon but the Club had representatives in both the male and female races. Spirits were high down in Avondale house after such a phenomenal effort by the Dunboyne AC Juveniles. Conditions weren't as tough as two years ago in Rathdrum when heavy rain made the hill treacherous to say the least but cross country is never easy! First up for the Club was Claire Ní Fhaircheallaigh in the Women's Novice race, two weeks after an excellent podium placing in the Meath Intermediate XC. Claire finished well up the field in 17th position over the 4km distance and was a scorer on the Meath team that won silver - well done Claire!! Morgan McDonagh was our sole representative in the Men's Novice, placing 28th overall over 6km in a race won by Dunshaughlin's Thomas Moran. In the Women's Masters evergreen Emilia was 5th overall and 3rd in her category, as well as placing on the Meath team who took the silver team position - good going Emilia!! We'd a greater representation in the Men's Masters with Gerry, Warren and Keith on duty and performing excellently but unfortunately they were short one man to make up a scoring team. Next up in the cross country season is the Leinster Uneven Ages and Intermediate Cross Country in Adamstown on Sunday week. Full results on Precision Timing.

Juveniles at Leinster Even Ages XC Champs

Sunday 26th October

Well it was off to Avondale House up in Rathdrum in the Wicklow mountains this week for the Juveniles. Moving straight out of the Meath Championships and into the ever so competitive Leinsters, our Juveniles had a lot to live up to with recent success over the last few weeks. It was to be a humid breeze day with tough hills and conditions between the trees of Avondale House. (So breezy that we lost another tent!)

Before the first competitive Leinster race, there was the Juvenile open race in which Ciaran McCormack was the Dunboyne AC sole athlete. Ciaran took off in his usual competitive style right from the start. A great race by Ciaran who finished in the top 20. Next up was the Girls U12 2000m. This was made up of Abigail Knox, Chloe Fraser, Emma Lyons, Aoife McCormach, Rachel Norman, Niamh Sherlock and Lucy Eglington. This week saw the U12 girls missing Doireann Ni Fhlatharta due to holidays across the Atlantic. Our U11 Girls team of Aoife, Rachel, Niamh and Lucy stepped up in age to prepare for the upcoming race in Adamstown. There were over 136 Athletes competing in this race for Club and County. First home was Chloe with a fantastic run and a superb achievement of a bronze medal for 3rd girl home for Meath. Aoife and Niamh were next home although stepping up in age were neck and neck sprinting across that uphill finish line and finished in a very respectable position. Next across were Emma and Rachel, both showing signs of a super race and finishing after giving everything they had. Very shortly after were Abigail and Lucy, again with nothing left to give. A very tough race for the girls, missing some team members and back in the hills, but they came away with their heads held high with a Club 6th overall position. The five girls - Abigail, Chloe, Emma, Aoife and Rachel - should be very proud for running for their County with a great result of 3rd place for Meath.

RACE OF THE DAY: The Boys U12 2000m made up of Mark Leane, Conor Leane, Jack brown and Ross Lyons. This certainly was the race of the day for Dunboyne. Each of these four boys had huge expectations of themselves, their coaches and parents, going by previous events. Conor Leane led this incredibly fast race from start to finish. Conor was superb straight from that hill start in which was soon behind him and never looked back crossing the line in 1st place with a 10 second gap. Next was Mark Leane home in a most admirable 6th place. Mark ran strong all day, looking confident and completely focused on his race. Five seconds later saw Jack Brown storming home in 10th place with bundles of confidence and composure. Ross came in next, running a year above his age group and really stepping up to the mark, showing why he is running for his club in Leinster in an older age bracket. Well done to these four individuals who again came together creating a winning team and can add a MEATH COUNTY GOLD medal to the CLUB GOLD. An unbelievable performance by all members of this supersonic team. We can honestly say that this team was the talk of Avondale: having three Dunboyne AC Athletes finish in the top 10 of a race of this calibre is an unbelievable achievement.

Our only two U14 girls were Nicole Fraser and Lauren McConnell. Both ran a fantastic 3000m race competing with again over 100 competitors. Both these two athletes have been putting in the hard work pushing themselves and their pace setting coaches in training since early August. Lauren finishing in the top 20 and Nicole not too far behind. Well done girls. A superb race in challenging conditions. Last of the juvenile/fit for youth athletes up was U15 Athlete Nicola Duffy competing a year above her age group in the U16 4000m girls race. Nicola as usual had a steady performance despite not being available for regular training and still finished a very credible 9th place. Nicola can also add a County medal for Meath coming home in 3rd place.

Well done to all the Athletes, Coaches and of course the supporting parents and family members. We look forward to Adamstown on Sunday 9th November where Dunboyne AC will be putting on a coach (BUS) with over 40 Competing Juvenile Athletes ready to bring home more individual, Club and County medals. More photos on Facebook

Frankfurt Marathon

Sunday 26th October
Paul Gannon chose the cooler climes and the gentle course of Frankfurt as his goal marathon in 2014. Paul had ran well all year but possibly pitched it a bit hard in the first half, and suffered the consequences in the second. He salvaged a PB of over 3 mins though and finished the race in a time of 2:46:38 which he's sure to be happy with. Check out Paul's splits here

DA’Camp ***Midweek*** Classes

Starting Wednesday 22nd October 9.45-10.45am
Our weekend DA’Camp classes have proved such a hit, we have been asked to run them mid-week as well. Starting this Wednesday 22nd October at 9.45am, Dunboyne AC’s circuit and conditioning expert, Rory Kavanagh will coach our mid-week enthusiasts. Classes will operate on a pay as you go basis; €6.50 for members or €8.00 for non-members. We hope 2 offerings a week will cater for most members and friends of Dunboyne AC. Please come along on Wednesday morning, bring a yoga mat (approx €5 in Dunnes or Penneys) and bring some friends. We hope demand will be sufficient to run these classes for 9 weeks until 17th December. So if you’d like to have a mid-week option, please share on Facebook, spread the word, come along and encourage others along. We are doing our utmost to get you and your friends in great shape for Christmas!!

DA’CAMP is da bomb!

Saturday 4th October

We have lift off! Our DA’Camp fitness classes got off to a flying start on Saturday with 50 enthusiastic students; club members and newcomers alike. A very special welcome to our newcomers! We hope you enjoy your Dunboyne AC experience and if there’s anything we can do to improve it, just let us know. Coaches Rory Kavanagh, Paul Gannon and John O’Malley introduced us to circuit training and conditioning; a new world for most of the class (and our muscles). Rory demonstrated the 9 station-exercises explaining the standard version, cheat-version and die-hard version of each. Relief all round! The fit (or foolish) could go hell-for-leather and those who wanted a gentler pace didn’t have to get swept up in any madness . All 3 coaches were on hand at the stations to repeat the demonstrations and offer encouragement. Rory led us in conditioning and stretching exercises to wrap up our first official DA’Camp class.

The class was really great fun and we seemed to have a lot of happy DA’Campers (sorry) at the end of it. We felt we’d had a really good workout and as we’re in unchartered territory, hoped suffering wouldn’t set in later . A word from our coaches: “We hope you enjoyed the session and we recommend a long soak in an Epsom salt bath for any weary aching muscles.” Reading between the lines, they seem to expect a little soreness, so that’s all good. Massive thanks and congratulations to our 3 coaches for a fun, expert, well-organised and professional session; seriously impressive stuff lads! Our teachers clearly know their stuff and cut no corners in planning or executing the class. Of course it also helps that Rory Kavanagh is a ninja!

As always with a Dunboyne AC initiative, there was great teamwork involved to get the programme off the ground. Thanks and congratulations to the entire team; Aoiffe Kerrigan, Gary O’Hanlon, Ger Fagan, Joan Hodgins, Kay Gilmartin, Nicola McKernan, Norma Farrell, Roisin Bell, Ruth O’Dwyer, Sean Kinnane, Tony O’Neill, Vivienne Lennon, all who did the leaflet drops and those who road-tested the class with the coaches last week and gave invaluable feedback...and as always, those we’ve forgotten to name here. Thanks everyone!

Finally, thanks to all the participants who got us off to a fun and good-humoured start on Saturday. Great to start as we mean to go on, with a positive attitude that is guaranteed to get us the fitness results we’re all after! We won’t claim to have abs of steel just yet, but we’re on our way and we’ve 9 more weeks to perfect them! See you all again next Saturday at 8.45 and no doubt some new faces will come along to register for the course or avail of the pay-as-you-go option. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one and if not, improvise with a bin-bag or whatever! Check out our photos courtesy of Vivienne Lennon on Facebook. Viv assures us she only captured our best angles :)

Dunboyne Veterinary Clinic Sponsorship Deal

Dunboyne Athletic Club team, who have qualified for the Athletics Ireland National League Final, received a generous sponsorship deal under a community support programme entered into by Dunboyne Veterinary Hospital. Presentation from Charles Cosgrave, Dunboyne Vet Clinic to club captain Tommy McDonnell and Chairman Micheal Cornyn with Dunboyne Veterinary Hospital staff and Dunboyne AC National League squad members. Dunboyne Veterinary Hospital are running a loyalty programme for any members of the Club. They will launch their loyalty scheme in September. Please see update on our website and facebook page at this stage. The scheme is worth up to approximately €15,000 in total so the more Dunboyne AC members mention our Club, the more of the loyalty fund goes back into Dunboyne AC. More details of the scheme here.

Club Notices

Juvenile Training at the Cow Park Saturday 1st November at midday
Attention all juveniles competing in the forthcoming Cross Country - in Adamstown, there will be training tomorrow (Saturday 1st November) in the Cow Park at 12 midday. Spread the word!

Request for Volunteers!
Remembrance Run, Sunday 9th November

Dunboyne Athletics Club Members and Friends - we have been asked to provide 30+ volunteers to assist at the upcoming Remembrance Run on Sunday November 9th. This is a great opportunity to raise €900 - much needed funds for track redevelopment, all for just a couple of hours of our time, a 5km on a quiet day in the Park - it's an easy gig! he opportunity is an ideal way to fulfil your 'Club Day' and its also a perfect opportunity to cheer on your fellow Club colleagues doing the run, so follow Fionnuala's lead from last weekend - get your high viz on! We are appealing in particular to our Senior group and marathoners on this one - lets keep the buzz going that's there at the minute. Over 50+ of our F4L'rs will be participating, and our XC'rs are in action in Wexford on that day, so we really need you to turn out and represent us. Volunteer slots are open to not just Seniors however - we are also asking for help from Juvenile parents, Fit4Lifer, Fit4Youth 16+ year olds but also friend of members and friends of the Club who would like to give us a dig out, it could be a great way to meet members if you're interested in joining us! We would encourage people to put their name on one of the slots on the Clubhouse door or comment below our post on Facebook in order to indicate their availability. You'll meet John Holian at the Furze Road from 8am and you'll be all finished up around 11.30. We will get final logistics on everything out to people on Facebook, the Web and by text on the Friday/Saturday of the run. So, please, get your name and contact details down on the list on the Clubhouse door, or comment below!

Dunboyne AC Track Redevelopment Update 22nd October 2014
Click here for update. Many thanks to the Track Redevelopment Committee. Every member of the club is strongly encouraged to attend committee meetings, the AGM or any EGM that is announced, to find out more information and to contribute their views. The next meeting will be held on Thursday 6th November.

Information for Juvenile athletes attending the Leinster Un-Even Ages Cross Country Championship,
Sunday 9th November

The final Leinster Cross Country will be taking place in Adamstown, Co.Wexford on Sunday the 9th of November 2014. Races are starting at 12 Midday sharp. However we are meeting up there at 11am for number distribution, warm-up, jog course etc. (Watch out for our Dunboyne AC teardrop Flag). The coaches have rallied the troops in search of a large medal haul and with a large number of athletes travelling the Club has organized transport. We will be meeting up at Clubhouse Car park to be on road for (early night is recommended). Athletes are asked to eat a healthy breakfast (eggs, porridge, brown bread-not sugared cereals), to bring a packed lunch and a snack (rice cakes, banana etc) to eat before race time as well as having plenty of water (not fizzy or sports drinks). Also we would ask that athletes wear warm clothing and to have a change of clothing including a towel. We hope to have a fun filled day, and no doubt will be as vocal in our support as ever, however athletes are to be on their best behaviour, and to be respectful towards the coaches and the parents travelling to help with supervision. In the interest of safety and crowd management no athlete will be permitted to leave the immediate cross country course area.


Under 11 Boys:

  • Ross Lyons
  • Killian Thornton
  • Adam Vaughan
  • Caoilean McGovern
  • Evan McCrudden
  • Adam Symth
  • Eoghan Dorian
  • Matthew O Neill

Under 11 Girls:
  • Aoife McCormack
  • Rachael Norman
  • Lucy Eglington
  • Niamh Sherlock
  • Laura Gavin
  • Serena Gavin
  • Mia Duffy
  • Sinead Magee
  • Jessica Malone
  • Holly Conlon
  • Kate Griffin
  • Aideen Reilly
  • Sophie Dolan

Under 13 Boys:
  • Conor Leane
  • Mark Leane
  • Jack Brown
  • Jack Hayes
  • Matthew Norman
  • Adam Conlon

Under 13 Girls:
  • Lauren McConnell
  • Doireann Ni Fhlatharta
  • Abigail Knox
  • Emma Lyons
  • Nicole Frazer
  • Aoibhin Ni Fhlatharta
  • Chloe Frazer
  • Anna Griffin
  • Jessica Clarke
  • Crea Farrell
  • Victoria Knox

Under 15 Girls:
  • Nicola Duffy

Notice to Juvenile Parents
Dunboyne AC would like to remind you that registrations are from January – December each year. New members from September are now encouraged to register online at If you haven any queries, please see Keith at the Club on Mon & Wed at 18:50 or contact on 086 8144012 or email

Meet & Train Cross Country League
ATTENTION ALL LADIES! This fun league will be starting again shortly and the first race is in Dunboyne.We encourage as many of you to set up teams as possible - it's a great series, very well managed and very reasonably priced. This event is not an elite event and we encourage all female club members to run, not just the first race in Dunboyne but all races in the league. Come on DAC Ladies - let's show 'em how it's done!
  • Race 1 Sunday November 16th
    Dunboyne, Cow Park
  • Race 2 Sunday January 4th
    Sports World, Bushy Park
  • Race 3 Sunday February 8th
    Clonliffe Harriers, Santry
  • Race 4 Sunday February 22nd
    Bros Pearse, Ballyboden
All races are 2 miles, entry fee €20 for league or €7 per race. Start time is always 11am. Team of 6 with first 4 to score and best 3 races out of 4. You can enter as many teams as you like. If you wish to run or enter a team, please contact Aoiffe (Senior) or Vivienne for Fit4Life.

Fit4Lifers - a few extra miles?
A group of Fit4Lifers will be meeting before training to do an extra few easy miles. Pace and distance depends who's there, but if there's a few people the group can split up - no one will be left behind! If you're interested come along at 7.30. Also, Ciara Barry has set up a Facebook Group to help organise runs outside training. Some people meet at the weekend, some meet after school drop off during the week - but the Facebook group makes this easy to organise. There'll always be somebody available to run with. If you want to do a few miles before training, come along at 7.30 tonight. If you want to join the Facebook group and see posts about arranging runs, get in touch with Ciara.

Family Fun Day & Car Boot Sale a huge success, thanks to all who supported us and to our volunteers
The weather Gods adhered to our many prayers for good weather as the sun shone on both events over the weekend which involved the inaugural car boot sale on Saturday which attracted many traders and customers. Indeed Del Boy himself would have been proud of the selling and buying skills shown by all. After its success this may become a regular event in our event calendar. This was followed on Sunday by our Annual Family Fun which may prove to be the most successful to date.

It all started at 11AM with Mick Foy & Dave Galbraith commencing their fund raising marathon challenge involving them running 106 laps around the track. Seamus Dunne accompanied the lads for a few miles of their journey along with our President Sean Conroy taking up the invite to start with them. Not to be satisfied with this Sean quickly set off, leaving all in his wake as he rolled back the years reenacting his marvellous running ability that brought him so much previous success. The lads crossed the line 4.5 hours later to rapturous applause from the many supporters acknowledging their achievement who were all absorbed into their quest through the encouragement of Noel on the microphone in conjunction with Seamus Brady who lap by lap cleared the path for the lads to run freely by their erected Gazebo with supporting team and lap counter in toe. The lads look like they will raise substantial funds from this and people can still donate. It can be hard to do one mile on a track but the lads ended up doing over 27 which is incredible and highlights their great dedication to the club.

The day continued with the many volunteers manning their positions providing enjoyment and refreshments for all. The many attractions this year included Bucking Bronco, Bubble soccer & Sand Treasure Hunt which was organised and ran by our 11 year old club member Eleanor Geoghegan which all proved to be very successful.

The dunk tank proved yet again to be a major success with many volunteering for this saturated torture including local TD Helen McEntee & Senator Thomas Byrne. This year also brought about the opening of the 'Fun Day Food Court, where people could enjoy a Burger from 'Blackwells Burger Bistro' along with a coffee & cake from 'Envelope Emilia Dan's Diner'. People could sit and enjoy the atmosphere or even purchase a book adjacent to the food court and relax at the facilities provided. Although we did run out of sauce - Alan McKernan after instruction from his wife Nicola - engaged in a mission to seek additional supplies in 'Operation Red Sauce - Code name 'Save The fun day' which was executed with perfection showing the dynamic capabilities of the club to adapt to all emergency situations. Every event has a hero and indeed we have found ours.

These were just some of the attractions on the day which brought record numbers who looked like they really enjoyed it. All this would not be possible without the numerous volunteers all working tirelessly over the weekend led by Noel & Teresa to ensure its success. There are too many people to thank but a massive well done to all who helped ensure its success by volunteering on the day as well as providing goods, baking & equipment. This event has been in planning for weeks and a lot of work was undertaken to help raise funds for the club as well as provide enjoyment for the Dunboyne community and it cannot succeed without the combined efforts of our members who provide the events biggest asset and requirement which is members time.

Well done to all involved!!!

We are looking for Senior/Fit4Life athletes or parents who would be interested in getting involved with Juvenile training. We have a large number of juveniles and it would enhance the training sessions if there was more adult help available. Training takes place Mon & Wed 7-8pm. Are you free? Only one hour per week!!!

If you have a skill, trade or expertise in a particular area e.g. painting, carpentry, catering, first aid etc. that you would be prepared to offer the club on accosions, we would be happy to add your name to our database. We are all volunteers and the more help we have the better the club will be. Please email Theresa at

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