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What do the gurus say about DA'Camp?

“Rorys' preparation and planning for DA'Camp is excellent. Each exercise is carefully thought out and the schedule changes week by week, keeping the interest, and building strength & fitness levels for all participants. There are 3 different intensity levels for each exercise so the challenge is laid out for all abilities and all members of the club from F4Y, F4L and Seniors alike and indeed non-members. The seniors had a run for their money on Thursday night and clearly found the sample session to be a tough one - Imagine what a full program over 10 weeks will do to your fitness and strength levels?” - John O’Malley, DA’Camp assistant coach and member of the Senior group…...or at least he was up until now!

“Circuit training improves overall fitness, strength and core stability whilst also improving flexibility and joint range and strength - these combined will make you a better runner who is less prone to injury.” - Paul Gannon, Fit4Life Coach and former DA’Camp assistant coach, turned participant. Having coached two courses, Paul tells us he is not missing out on this third one.

“Prevention is better and cheaper and less painful than the cure. Need to keep the body balanced. Replace one easy-run day a week with a full body workout for better balance." - Tony O’Neill, Senior Coach and future attendee of DA’Camp classes

Gary O’Hanlon asked Rory to put both Seniors and Fit4Life through a few circuit exercises at training last Thursday and told us he recommends DA’Camp to strengthen our cores and improve our running. At every DA’Camp session to date Rory Kavanagh told us that, among other things, circuit and core training “improves sporting performance and improves physical appearance.”

Need we say more? See you all at 10.15am on Saturdays folks. Bring your neighbours, family and friends and spread the word!

Advance Stewarding Commitments for 2015

This one is very important folks in light of the development plans of the Club; it’s a fundraising effort that we're expecting every member of the Club to participate in this year. As all members know each year the club asks that you help out with stewarding at various races. It is important to note that assisting at a number of these races represents a vital source of funding, in that the race organisers make a contribution to the club. These payments assist greatly in the running of the club and help reduce the financial burden on members. Without this revenue stream we might have a situation where the annual subscription would have to be increased significantly, something which the committee is anxious to avoid. Furthermore, funding for the club means that there is more funding available for the track development, the club's general athletic activities, for example to assist with the costs of juvenile athletics, funding for equipment and funding towards race entry fees for the clubs athletes as well as many other costs.

Generally the recruitment process is that a week or two before every event some Committee members will go looking for people to assist and these pleas go out in group emails, on Facebook, training announcements and notices at the Clubhouse. Whilst we do fill our assigned spots in the day or two before the event they invariably get a poor response well ahead of time which leads to many last minute panic calls and texts with pleas to the same old reliables who continually help fill the numbers at these races. This quite simply is wholly unfair that the same people are constantly turning up at races, as well as John Holian - who is creating this fundraising opportunity for us and is responsible for filling these slots as Head Marshall. At most of these events it is the same people who are also the individuals who give so willingly and freely of their time on a voluntary basis to Dunboyne AC day in day out as coaches, committee members and so forth.

We are, therefore, appealing to you through Facebook and the website and asking that each member of Dunboyne AC, or parents of members in the case of U-16's, commits on some level from the event list below. Please note you can commit your friends & family too should they wish to volunteer for the Club. We hope that this appeals to the great Club spirit that exists within Dunboyne AC. Athletics Ireland have created a link on their website, posted below, where members can commit to their chosen races. We are hoping to perhaps assist in this by having a ‘stewarding or volunteers page’ on our website which would be updated regularly. We will also accept emails sent to dunboyneac@gmail.com from members stating their intention to volunteer and we can carry out online registration for them if they do not have the facility to do so. The events which the club is committed to for 2015 start as soon as the 7th March so we really need you to act on this message this weekend and get signed up.

The events are as follows:
  • 7th March
    Bressies My1000 hours 5k/10k - Phoenix Park – Race Start 10am
  • 3rd April (Good Friday)
    Healthy Heart 5k/10k – Phoenix Park – Race Start 11am
  • 26th April
    Samsung Night Race – Dublin City Centre – Race Start 9pm
  • 9th May
    Pieta House Darkness Into Light - Phoenix Park – Race Start 4am
  • 13th May
    Grant Thornton 5k – National Sports Campus – Race Start 7:30pm
  • 28th May
    Central Park 5k – Leopardstown – Race Start 7:30pm
  • 13th June
    Sonia O'Sullivan 5k – Dun Laoighaire – Race Start 7:30pm
  • 1st August
    Rock & Roll Half Marathon – City Centre / Phoenix Park Race Start 8:30am
  • Date TBC
    Grant Thornton 5k – Dublin Docklands
  • Date TBC
    Witches & Wizards 2.5k/5k – Location TBC
  • Date TBC
    Remembrance Run – Phoenix Park

The link for registering is here and please enter Dunboyne AC in the address field so they'll know who you are! As this is a vital fundraising channel for the Club we are incentivising this scheme for members this year: the top 5 volunteers (subject to volunteering at 70% or more of events) will receive a piece of Club gear of their choice in the Winter 2015 order. Please sign up asap!

Club Notices

Moving on from WM&T and from the Meath Championships - what's next?
With the large part of the Meath T&F Championships completed and the WM&T League ending next week, some of our athletes will be looking for another early summer target. The Leinster T&F Championships taking place on the 31st May in Tullamore might fit in well for some. The notion of a provincial championship might be daunting, particularly to those that are new to the competitive environment: however based on recent performances our athletes could hold their own at this upcoming meet with some good enough to win medals. Viewing the results in your discipline and age category will give you some perspective on how your performances compare against the competition. 2014 results can be viewed here. The schedule for the day can also be viewed on the Leinster Athletics website. If you're interested in competing speak to your coach to find out more.

Women’s Mini Marathon, Arrangements, Bank Holiday Monday, 1st June
Folks, we are taking names and payment for the mini marathon this week at training for the bus and/or the meal in Mulvany’s afterwards. If you would like us to collect your race number and goodie bag, please give us your printed confirmation receipt. We will give them to you just before getting on the bus on Monday 1st June. Bus: gather at the Community Centre at 12.15 Monday 1st June (leaving 12.30 sharp). Meal: Mulvany's function room at 6pm for a meal catered by the Crusty Corner. (Dinner, dessert, tea/coffee.) If you are vegetarian, please make us aware. Some members not doing the mini marathon will meet at the track car park at 2pm that day for a 10K training run instead. All are welcome to join in; men and women...and please join us in Mulvany's later. The more the merrier in Mulvany's so we'd like to encourage as many as possible to join us at 6. Non-members are very welcome too. Cost €10 for bus, €20 for meal (including free raffle) or €25 for both. Students €8 for bus, €15 for meal (incl raffle) or €20 for both. Please add your name to the list on the clubhouse door and please pay Viv Lennon or Ger Fagan (as soon as possible please, so we can confirm numbers.) Looking forward to a great day out!

Docklands 5k June 18th
Crusaders are hosting the Docklands 5k on June 18th. This is a very well-organised 5k and will have a good standard of competition in it. If 20 plus Dunboyne AC members run, the club gets €5 per runner back, so make sure to put down your club when you register. Register on www.docklands5k.com

Club Gear
Please note that the following club gear is in stock at the moment.

  • Ladies Singlets – size 10*, 12 and 14*
  • Ladies T-shirt's – size Med and Large
  • Men's singlets – size Small, Med and Large
  • Men's T-shirts – size Med*, Large and Xtra Large
  • Unisex Short Shorts – size Large
  • Kids – size 9/10
  • Kids – size 11/12 have been re-ordered due to selling out
*There are limited number of each of these size available - please contact Norma Farrell or Tom Muldoon should you need assistance.

Liked our 4 Mile Race?
Read all about our club here...

Dunboyne AC awarded Athletics Ireland Club Mark for 2014/2015
Dunboyne AC was one of a small number of Clubs presented with the prestigious Club Mark by Athletics Ireland at their AGM in Santry. The award was presented in recognition of the Club's commitment to excellence in club management. Well done to those who worked on the submission for the award as well as those who work tirelessly in the background day in day out at Dunboyne AC in order to make the Club what it is. The future is bright...

Are you entitled to use the track?
If you have not paid your membership fee for yourself or your child (Jan-Dec 2015) then you are not entitled to use the club's facilities. To enforce this we will be holding random gate checks to make sure that anyone entering the club has paid their membership fee. We must enforce this because you/your child are not covered by our insurance policy in the event of an accident of some sort (and accidents can and do happen). If you have any difficulty in paying your fee, please don't hesitate to approach your coach or captain to discuss this. Register and pay by clicking on the link above.

Club Kit
Can't wait for the next Bulk Order? Order directly from O'Neill's here.

Members, don't leave any valuables in view in your car when you park up at training...
Following on from yesterday post on thefts from cars, this type of crime is a problem around the county. Since Christmas thieves have been busy targeting GAA club grounds, Shopping Car parks, Railway station car parks and Gym car parks to name a few. Phones, cash and tools have been easy pickings in many of them. Thieves will continue to carry out this type of crime once it is lucrative. To try and prevent the thefts from occurring avoid leaving valuables on display on or in the car. Lock and secure your car. It is worth remembering that thieves maybe watching you put valuables in the booth or under the seat when you arrive at your destination. If you leave any valuables on display in your car it is an invitation for thieves to break in so don't do it.

Brush Shiels in "The Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner" part 1
Dunboyne AC's 801st member of 2014 kicks off his sprinting career - Give it socks Brush!!! Check out the video, it's just 2 minutes long.

Development Club of the Year 2014
Dunboyne Athletic Club received the ‘Development Club of the Year’ award at the Athletics Ireland annual awards ceremony at the Crowne Plaza, Santry today. The club received the recognition for a number of reasons such as facilties available, Fit4life outlets as well as achievements by those wearing the club colours at provincial and national competitions. All aspects of the club are taken into account in the presentation of this award. Only one club is picked out of the 300 in the country and we’re delighted to be the one chosen. Tommy McDonnell says “I’ve been involved with Dunboyn AC for 50 years the club has grown so much I don’t know all the people involved. So many people have carried out work in the club and this reward is for them." There was also an award for Fr Murphy clubman Tony Ennis who won and outstanding award. Promising young Trim AC athlete Harry Purcell was also honoured. See more at www.meathchronicle.ie. Some great coverage also in The Herald Athletics column with many thanks to athletics journalist Lindie Naughton for singling us out among a large number of award recipients.

Incident Reporting
The fundamental goal of Dunboyne Athletic Club is to provide a positive Athletics experience for the Dunboyne and surrounding community. Despite the considerable efforts of our volunteer coaches and valuable support from our member families, it is an unfortunate fact that incidents impacting the Athletics experience can and do occur from time to time. Read our Policy on Incident Reporting which describes our efforts to avoid those incidents and the process for addressing them when they occur.

We are looking for Senior/Fit4Life athletes or parents who would be interested in getting involved with Juvenile training. We have a large number of juveniles and it would enhance the training sessions if there was more adult help available. Training takes place Mon & Wed 7-8pm. Are you free? Only one hour per week!!!

If you have a skill, trade or expertise in a particular area e.g. painting, carpentry, catering, first aid etc. that you would be prepared to offer the club on accosions, we would be happy to add your name to our database. We are all volunteers and the more help we have the better the club will be. Please email Theresa at atsmith@eircom.net